Should Strikes Be Allowed In The Uk?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

In the UK, people are struggling financially due to the cost of living. Many people are not getting enough pay to provide for their shelter, food, and their clothes. This topic is important because the UK needs equality for all people, as everyone serves a use in the community. In many people’s opinion, they think striking is good for the financial raise, refusing to do their job because they aren't getting what they deserve, and what they think, is enough. They will strike until they know they have got what they want, and this will not happen until the payrise is increased.

For example, people who have paid a lot of money to go on holiday (which is hard to get with the cost of living) are unable to go on holiday due to passport officer strikes. With the money paid, you could stop at least a town from starving. This may affect people financially, as they could have gone on the trip for a job opportunity. Some people are affected by NHS workers going on strike. Many people are passing away due to strikes, some people could have paid money for a wheelchair/ crutches/ or a metal transplant in their legs. People cannot get around with these movement aids so they have to just stay home, get no movement, and eventually die. The striking of teachers can affect many students, who are keen on learning, and passing exams. If they do not do exams they cant get a scholarship which means no job for them and no qualifications. Students are angry about this situation due to them not learning what they need for exams. Rail workers striking can affect many people who need train transport for their jobs, or interviews for people. With no train transport, its hard for people who live at a distance to get to work, and do daily activities

In my opinion, I think it is appropriate for workers to strike every once in a while. I believe everyone deserves rights for getting what they ask, even if it doesnt happen. Many people need money so they can function, pay bills, eat, get to places, and provide for their children. People may starve to death due to the bare minimum they recieve. WIth this information, there is obviously good and bad sides which affect anyone who is vunerable to bad and good effects to striking