Standpoint: Strikes-should they be allowed?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

We personally believe that the public should be able to strike, seeing as it’s the easiest and most harm-free way there is to demand a solution to any social or economical problems that society may face .We are going to explain to you who is impacted by strikes,some different perspectives on this matter,and our personal opinion on this topic.

Our first point is doctors. Doctors are very important because they make a huge difference by helping to minimise pain experienced by patients, helping you recover from diseases faster, or assisting you in learning to live with a disabling injury. Doctors are striking because they feel overworked, underpaid, and undervalued. They are not paid enough for the hours they work. Strikes are a great way of voicing your opinion, as long as there is no violence involved and it’s done in a right and organised manner. Although this is a great way to express your opinion, it can have many negative effects, especially in the healthcare field. For example,when doctors go on strike, 350,000 appointments and operations are likely to be cancelled, which puts a lot of patients at risk, especially those who are in intensive care.

Another point we will discuss is teachers.Teachers are vital to the world as they are essentially the foundation of society. Without them, where would our important doctors, engineers, lawyers and other much needed professions be? Teachers have been struggling for a while now with a lack of pay. They work really long and hard hours at schools/universities, as well as having lots of work to do at their home.All of this time and effort is just taken for granted by several students.Teachers absolutely deserve to be recognized and receive higher pay.So surely teachers can go on strike without causing any major problems, right?Wrong. A recent survey has shown that 34% of parents opposed teacher strikes. Many schools have received complaints regarding having to “ cancel work for the day” or “paying extra for a childminder ”.To add, many parents are concerned about their children missing out on valuable education and learning time.

So, to conclude, we believe that strikes are beneficial to society,allowing for a simple, harm-free method of protests to demand a solution to certain issues society is facing today, as long as they’re kept under control.