This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

A strike is a workers' cessation of work in order to fight injustice or to fulfill some demands.

The idea of striking began in the year 1152 AD when a group of people went on strike in Egypt because of the delay in paying their salaries. Mexico was the first country to include the right to strike in its constitution, and the strike is either to fight injustice, where there is, for example, an unjust ruler or king who gives his workers little wages or delays their salaries. Or take away their property, they must fight him.

The other section is the fulfillment of demands. For example, if the teachers are working hard, but their salary at the end of the month is not equivalent to their work, then they strike to get their wages. There is an association responsible for all these movements and strikes, and it is the Workers Union that defends their rights in a way that fulfills their demands and knows when is the right time to strike, for example when it is There are workers in a factory and they suffer from injustice, so the union appoints for them a day to strike when the manager is in dire need of them and he cannot find others, and if he abandons them he will lose, so he will be forced to fulfill their demands

Also, the strike has many fields, economic, political, religious, and others. We were talking about the economic, but the political. The prisoners in Palestine practice hunger strikes in order to obtain their freedom, and many people in the world.