Strike: should they be alowed?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Strikes: should they be allowed?


My topic that I will be writing about is strikes and whether they should be allowed. This is a topic that is widely discussed and argued against and for all around the world and through many different people. It also can be, and is heavily debated whether they should be allowed or whether they shouldn’t be. On the one hand, some people think that they should not be allowed for reasons like not getting things done. On the other hand, people think that strikes are a positive thing and that they should be allowed for reasons like increase in pay.


There are many positives of people being allowed to strike. The first reason that strikes are a good thing is that people who are working might need a pay rise. This would mean that they might not think that they are getting a suitable amount of money for the job they are doing, or possibly that they are in need of more money and that they think that they can get that from their job/boss by striking. Another reason that people might strike is because they think that changes need to be made to their workspace or wherever they are working. This could be because they do not think that their working environment is safe or appropriate to work well in. Lastly, workers may strike because they do not get treated in an acceptable manner. This would cause them to strike so that the person in charge of them can make changes to match their needs.


There are also some negatives to striking. For example, if lots of paramedics, junior doctors and nurses were striking at the same time, there could be a negative impact on the way that hospital and doctors surgeries work. This could mean that less people can get treated which could also mean that people can get progressively ill when they do not get treated immediately. Another negative effect of striking is that, if teachers strike for a long time, pupils will not be learning at that time. This would mean that the students are behind where they are supposed to be and where other people their age would be.

Conclusion/My opinion:

In my opinion, strikes should be allowed so that people can get what they want. The only thing is that I do not think that the strikes should be for a long period of time at once, because it could affect how things work and other stuff like that.