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I am doing this topic because I want to know why strikes happen and to get more information of what they are caused by and why so many people decide to strike nowadays.Also because striking is affecting lots of different people who might be in need and it could affect children’s education.

Why are people striking?

Strikes are caused by employees.Strikes are temporary normally from 1-2 days of striking.Employees strike in groups for money upgrade.Striking are used so the groovement can see different points of the employees that work.Strikes can affect all different type of people.Example:if your a doctor and your going on strike it could affect the people that are sick.Same goes to schools and other jobs around the Uk and other places.

What does striking cause?

StPoeple get benefits from striking.Strikes affect loads of innocent people who are just trying to live their day to day normal life.It’s mainly affecting Schools and hospitals due to the employees that work in their job have now decided to start striking.Why? Some people ask because of the kids not being able to get their education due to strikes so the children that could be at school and the parents that are working now would have to be looking after their kids because of the strikes going on.

What type of people are striking?

People striking in the uk and mostly teacher,doctors,nurses and different employees and common jobs.There are some jobs that got banned from striking in the uk and those two jobs are police (police officers,police guards,police security e.g).Another job that got banned from striking prison officers.Allk the other jobs employees are officially allowed to strike on absolutely anyday.

What do people ern from striking?

Depending on the jobs they are striking from.Some might just take it as a free day out some might finish the work.All depends on who th people that are striking on what they want to do with basically there free day that they could do anything during the days they are taking off to strike.Is just a free day.


My opinion on this is that striking is affect lots of people that don’t drive to be affect because then it is just helping the people who are on strike not the people who are not on strike.