I decided to do this topic because I would want to know why and how strikes happen. I would like to get more information of what the strikes are caused by. I also wonder why so many people decide to strike nowadays. Also because striking is affecting a lot of different people in many ways who might be in need and it could affect children’s education.

Why are people striking?

Strikes are usually used for protesting a employer decision.(cuts benefit, unpopular work rules or a refuse of improving your working conditions. “Strike” means the partial or complete refusal to work. Strikes are when people stop working for a certain amount of time which is affected by one or more groups of workers who have a perspective of forcing or resisting demands. People start strikes by contacting their national union, if you are part of a national union or an other organisation but you would have to contact them in any way before going on strike.

What does striking cause?

People get benefits from strikes. The big winners are union officials and the institutions they rule. Those gains are appropriated at the expense of consumers, union-free workers and very often, strikes are most likely to reduce the production of an organisation. It can lose customers and have a few consequences. Whilst people are striking the employment relationships between both organisations have a chance of becoming strained and this could have a impact on teamwork and profitability. Often, businesses have to deal with a lot of financial losses and their consumer confidence is adversely affected.

What do people earn from striking?

Usually, Employers don’t have to pay other employees who are also on strike. On the Governments websites advise for employers states “ You should only remove the amount that the employee would have earned during the strike”. When employees go on strike, they probably wont get their pay or some other contractual benefit like pension contributions. In some cases, they might get money from their union. If you aren’t in work and are on strike, your pensionable pay for that pay day period will be reduced, and your contributions to the pension fund.