This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The strikes going all over the world all started because people wanted more money to help others, like students.They need more money in wages as the prices of everything is going up like food and more goods.The reason people still are going in this subject because the government and the parliament is not giving the people what they want.They're not giving more funds to the schools and the nhs and many transport ways.The most we are looking at transportation is trains.People should care about this because there health,education and transportation is being affect.

Some of the negatives are some people think its good that's there strikes are good because they like how much free time there getting and some like how the teacher are getting more money for are education.Most children like strikes but some parent could disagree they want their child to get good education so they don't like the strikes.Parents they work far so they need catch a bus but the bus workers are on strikes so they can not go to work and they can't just leave their child at home.some positives with strikes that so children understand why the teachers are going to strikes they know it's for there education and so does many parents as well they may don't like how they child or children is not going to school but they know they also have family and they just doing is getting more funds school.

Strikes affect me like they stop me from learning as much. I don't mind a couple of school days. I know that one could affect my education a lot.This affected some of my family as well because one of my cousin is learning his alphabet without school he could start be slow down in his education as well as kids in his class as well.This could happened because there brain is not as developed as other people so they may could get stuck in it and they could have a hard time and start to think they are dumb.i think the government and the parliament should start to give more funds to schools,nhs and transportation to them and give them wage start try to live through this time where the prices of most stuff is increasing.