This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The topic that I want to talk about is the issue of strikes, and I chose it because it has negative effects on society that must be limited and eliminated.
in the beginning
Strikes are when a person stops doing something for many reasons or problems. There are many types of strikes, the most important of which are
First: the strike
For example, if someone goes on strike for reasons such as low wages or increased working hours, this will lead to a very big imbalance in society, for example.
If the teacher strikes, ignorance will spread
And if the doctor strikes, diseases will spread and the inability to treat them
And if the farmer goes on strike, it will lead to a lack of food
And if the cleaning worker strikes, it will lead to the spread of bad odors in the community, which will lead to the spread of dangerous diseases
Second: the hunger strike
For example, some prisoners in prisons go on a hunger strike as a means to obtain their freedom, and this will lead to physical and physical dangers for them, and their lives will become threatened, which will lead to the death of some of them.
Therefore, we must put in place solutions through which strikes can be reduced in society, such as determining for one person his wages and the duration of his work before hiring him for a job.
Giving everyone his right, treating people well during work, not discriminating between them, and other such solutions
Positive results will result from these solutions, such as getting rid of strikes, prosperity and advancement of society, and every person will do his work perfectly and seek to increase his income, which leads to reducing poverty and population starvation.
There are also many countries that have been affected by repeated strikes, which have led to the weakness and collapse of this state and the occurrence of many problems and coups in it that have increased its disintegration.
Therefore, we must always be careful to spread love and affection and banish hatred and hatred among people so that no problems occur in our state and that all good morals prevail in it.
In conclusion, I say that this was my opinion and that everything I wrote and everything I expressed about the negatives and problems of strikes was not a drop in the sea