Strikes : and it's causes

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Strikes are a group's refusal to work in protest of low pay or bad work conditions. Many people worldwide are going on strikes since they are not being paid well, so they decide to grab the government’s attention by going on strikes. This topic is important because in the country where I’m from (Ghana ), there are a lot of strikes going on, doctors, teachers, nurses and midwives are all going on strike just because the government doesn't pay them well and this is very bad because I think that the government should take charge on this and help us.

Those who are most affected are the mothers and the children and all the patients in the hospital including the students and other citizens because without medical help they can die and the student needs professional help from a teacher to help them pass their grades and move on to have better adulthood but if they don't have a good education it may lead to very bad adulthood and stressful one Other think that when you sit down and reason with the government maybe they will listen to you but I think that we must take charge because the governments aren't going to do everything. After our government where I come from they are making our conditions harsher by the minute. So if a student goes into class to find out that there's no teacher. he needs professional help yet there’s no teacher there to educate them throughout the university

So in conclusion what I'm trying to say is that the government must pay attention to the citizens needs to have a very equal amount of salary every month to help provide for their families and just so that the government also do they must start having better conditions for drivers in this one because potholes in the roads can cause accidents it was also stated that last year around 17th of October to 14th December 2022 the government assured all citizens that their needs will be met yet their needs aren't met so I think the government must take charge over their promises they must fulfil their promises so that the citizens will also know that yes we are also being taken care of by leaders who can lead so I think to lead us as we must also get our act together and we must help

Leaders act!