Strikes and their Perceived Consequences

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


A strike occurs when a group of people demonstrate for a certain cause. They are organised by a group of individuals known as unions. Many individuals band together to do this because they believe it is the only way the government would listen to them and address their concerns. This isn't so bad, but it can cause conflicts in society if the government refuses to take it seriously. When the government refuses to act quickly on it, it becomes a big problem for the government and society to handle. Examples of problems it causes include loss of lives and property, insecurity, low investment, and an increase in beggars and homelessness due to the destruction of shelter.

When there are strikes, there is a breakdown of law and order, which leads to violence and stress in society. Furthermore, we must recognise that if the government fails to respond to their demand, a genuine fight will erupt, perhaps resulting in significant loss of life and property. It also creates instability because if a riot breaks out, there will be many deaths and kidnappings all over the place, and people would have nowhere to go for protection.

This will also lead to low investment because if there is trouble in the land, a lot of people will not want to go putting money in the bank because they know it isn't safe and then money will be completely gone. It will also lead to homelessness because if they continue to fight eventually in the process of burning a lot of buildings down, a lot of people will become homeless and the population of beggars on the streets will increase.

They are government schools and they are on strike in order for the government to increase their payment of salaries. I believe that the government also needs to play a very smart role with protest unions, although I believe that citizens need to understand the government very well and the times they are to put on the protest shows. I also believe that strikes must be done in an organised manner in order to prevent certain problems from occurring in society, which cause destruction. Furthermore, it causes poverty because if you burn down houses and properties, many people would return to their old ways of being poor rather than allowing them to help others with what they have.