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A strike is commonly considered the last weapon in the armoury of organized labour for settling industrial disputes. The use of english word "strike" also known as protist was first practiced in 1768 in LONDON.

Strike actions are also called labour action. They are a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employess to work . A strike usually take place in response to a employee grievances. Strikes are sometime used to pressure government to change the politics.

Strikes may be specific to a particular workplace,employer,or unit within a workplace. Strikes that involves all workers ,or a number of large and important groups of workers , in a particular community or region are known as great strikes.Under some circumstances, strikes may take place in order to put pressure on the state or othor authorities or may be a response to unsafe conditions in the workplace.

Strikes often happen because workers wants incharges to listen them.They hope that by stop working and doing protists,the people who makes decisions and with whom they are not satisfied or agree e.g office head etc will listen to their demands.Strikes can also have a big impact on people lives.

Mostly in our countries,strikes are done by labor union to get better pay , hours, or working conditions.In many countries ,It is against the law to strike.Strikes generally takes place in the form of picket line .The workers protists in front of the place where they work ,chanting and holding signs. When a strike is called, a government may try to stop it by calling in the police or the military.The threat of force is sometimes enough enough to get the workers stop. This is another way of breaking strikes.Strikes arise for a number of reasons,thoughprincipally in response to economic conditionsetc.Strikes may also be called for purely political reasons.A strike is a constitutional and legal right of the workers.In our country Pakistan, there is a recent and fresh example of strikes which is practiced by PTI followers to release PTI chairman Imran Khan from jail .He was arrested for doing corruption in AL-QADIR trust case.It was said that he uses the money for his own beneficial purposes and did corruption.The violent protesters,attacked civil and military institutesb after Imran Khan aressment.It is mentioned that in Pakistan 9th may is declared as "dark chapter" in the history.On these violent reactions from the followers. Chairman PTI said:

"Be ready for peaceful protist for your rights .We only need fair and free elections,rightful representatives elected by the people and get rid of a bunch of currently recling thieves,only them would regret real freedom".


Strike should be allowed but should be restricted to donot be violent.It is the right of people to strike . Ban of strikes may be a attack on democracy . Legal strikes and protist should be done as they tell us about the point of view of our workers.Strikes often disturbs the life of people.

Example:-A one day strike on December , 4th 2007 , the entirely of the mining industry went on strike against the unsafe condition of working in a mine.While the dangers of a mine are nothing new, it was the list in deaths between 2006,2007 and government5 plan to reduce this number, which prompted such as resounding outery.

According to Richard Savage :-

"A man of thought strikes deepest and strinks safest."

SO , According to me Strikes are legal rights of peoples but should be practiced under legal commands and spirits.