(Strikes) Are they good or bad?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Everyday we as people living in the UK experience a lot of strikes that affect us and our everyday lives. Strikes are when someone chooses not to go to work because of different things that they don’t like or they want a change in something. For example a lot of people strike because of bad working conditions and that they get paid less and they want their salary raised. The question is are strikes good or bad?

A positive of strikes is that a lot of people can stay home and not go to work and instead do something with family and friends or go out somewhere. Another positive is that a lot of children do not like school and when teachers strike that means the students have to stay at home which is a positive for a lot of people.The negatives of strikes is that if everybody striked then the whole economy would go down because nobody is working and if this happened then a lot of people would die due to starvation and a lot of illnesses because nobody would be working at hospitals. Another negative is that if teachers strike then a lot of students will not get their education due to that a lot of people might be happy because there is no school however it will affect a lot of students because they are not socialising with friends.

In my opinion i think strikes should not be allowed because they destroy our economy. I think that if someone is striking that they should be fired and so the job can be for another person that actually does it and is satisfied by it instead of striking. Another reason is that if someone strikes then that shows that they don’t care and have no interest in the job and that they don’t want to do it because the salary is too low. No wonder a lot of people want a higher salary if they don’t work and sit at home striking. The only logical way to do it is work more and longer to make more money so you're satisfied with the job.