Strikes - for a balanced society

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

People who invlovle in strikes are mostly labourers, who are not satisfied with the laws or pressure implemented on them. Most of the time the laws could affect the small scale industry workers a lot when compared to other sectors.

The main reason for strike as their voice or request is not considered by the employer or management.

Strikes should be allowed becuase only then there will be balance between the employees and the employer. Orelse the employer will make more money by giving low wages to employees and the make huge profit from it and nothing can't be done by the emloyees against their employer to rmangement.

Strike will be the only tool or power for employees to stand against the employer to get their rights done when their voice is not heard.

There are also few disadvantages or sometimes may be a threat to workers when strike is prolonged for a long duration and employees below poverty line may suffer even more.

Also the employees who go for a strike should mae sure they do it legally and in a dignified manner and should abide by the laws . Also they should continue with humanity that it should not affect common people or their surrondings. Also they should ensure that no public or private properties are damaged.

Also employees should do a decent strike by following all legal works and with proper security and planning. They should execute their strike in a proper way.

So strikes should be allowed, only then the employees will have some power to voice out their requirement and rights. Else it will be not be a balanced one as the employer may have more advantage, which will lead to an unbalanced society.