Strikes Released : Who Should Control Strikes?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


At the workplace, there is a fundamental relationship between a worker and an employer, but in the modern and current World this relationship is strained due to the cause and want of more profit and more productivity and this makes the workers feel like they are undervalued, they are also overworked and usually in such workplaces the workers are also underpaid making it seem like the only way to get through to their bosses is strikes and this is because strikes are always the final stage in a riot against underpaid workers.

But in the current economic and political climate, the is always one question remaining: who has the power the workers or the government and their bosses?

Labor strikes are a controversial problem, with its supporters debating and saying that it is a nessecery instrument for fighting for the rights and views of workers and also ensuring fairness in the workplace, while those who are against it say that it is harmful to businesses and people's lives.

As the world faces social and economic problems , including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic last 2 years and growing un equality in the economic world, the question of whether workers should hold the power to strike has taken on a new importance.

Within a strike, It is a moment of truth, where workers face the weight of their convictions and the potential consequences of their actions. The decision to unleash the power of strikes is not taken lightly, for it holds the potential to disrupt the flow of commerce, challenge established norms, and expose the stark disparities that pervade our modern world. It is an act of defiance against the status normality, an act that forces society to confront uncomfortable truths and reckon with the imbalances of power that penetrate our social balance.

I think powerful shrimp has some very good points even though it is different from what i belive and think.

In my opinion,I think that I can't choose who should control strikes because it depends on your side of view eg. If your mother is an underpaid teacher you may before strikes, and if your mom is a CEO vice versa.This is because only half of the strikes were succesfull and 40 percent were not because some ended in a compromise and this is beacuse strikes last until an agreement between the union and the employer is reached or until the government steps in to force employees back to work.Let us try to imagine a world with no inequality and only justness and fairness prevails,in that world strikes will not take place

Cant wait to hear your opinion and thoughts on my view.