Strikes: should they be allowed?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Many people believe that strikes should be allowed but there are also others who think that strikes should be banned. I’ll be talking about both sides of if strikes should be allowed.

Some people believe that strikes should be allowed because they can be seen as a powerful movement to get many people's attention rather than trying to negotiate better pay or conditions from your company. This makes strikes to be looked at as a strong way to basically persuade someone into getting what they want. Strikes also protect jobs for example if a company is closing, many people lose jobs. Their working conditions could be not as good as other companies' working conditions which makes some people strive not just for a pay rise but for the quality of their working conditions which is very important. The NHS is an example of a successful strike because The government has reached a pay settlement with a million health workers after a majority of unions representing NHS staff backed the deal. Therefore strikes should be allowed.

However there are some who agree that strikes should be banned. Many think this because the output may be lost in industries where strikes occur through reduced working hours. This might result in public anger for example oil strikers glue themselves to the ground in the UK. This frustrates the public because if the oil strikers glue themselves to the floor like they have recently done before, it would cause troubles not only with the public now but with the police. There are also cases of teacher strikes. These teachers are in a union called the teacher union where they strike for more pay but unfortunately when they do strike children are falling behind on their studies especially if they are revising for tests or big exams for example the year eleven’s and the sixth formers. This can also affect the parents who have to go to work but cannot because their children are at home. Therefore teacher strikes should be banned.

Overall, there are many arguments on both sides to answer the question should strikes be allowed. However I believe that strikes should be allowed so that the strikers can express what they want and then the government can reply to their needs.