Strikes......A Powerful Weapon

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

  • Workers use a very powerful weapon of strikes for the fullfillment of their demands related to jobs.They raise their voice collectively to built a pressure on the owners so that they may be listened for their righteous rights and to improve their working conditions.The state when all the workers unitedly stop to do their work is termed as Strikes.

There are various factors which cause strikes.

1-Salary problems

2-Unsatisfactory working environment

3-Less increments

4-Inappropriate wages and incentives

5-More work and less rest time

6-Different behavioural disputes among the workers

7-Dissatisfied with the company policies

Some activist students take part in protests at the university level.It shows dissatisfaction among students with the academic and disciplinary policies .Consequently,students union leaders communicate with the higher authorities of the educational institutions to get theirv problems and queries sort out.

As per Industrial dispute Act 1947,Strikes means "stoppage of work by all the workers collectively at a workplace under some common view point, to participate in work or for acceptance of employment."


1-Economics Strike :

It is a type of strike in which employees stop putting contribution in the company unless their demands are fulfilled.In this strike the employees demands for financial aids to meet their daily expenses like house rent allowances,different bonuses,travelling and daily allowances ,medical and casual allowancesMoreover,they demand for relaxation in their routine like linenent behaviour in the rules of casual leaves,medical and other previlidges.

2-Generalized Strikes :

Most members of the company come at single understanding and play their vital role in ceasing the normal functioning of the company .They stand united for their demands and creates enough pressure on the establishment to fulfill their demands.

3-Courteous Strikes for Others :

Sometimes workers of a company stand alongwith other workers just for the sake of sympathy,just to show their union for others.This is because all of them have same interests and become supportive agents for one another.

4-Wheel cease Strike :

All the people of a community enforce the other communities to stand on a common standing point.In this way they cease all the traffic in the whole city.This creates a lot of problems for the childen,patients and all the citizens to move around .

3) General Strike:

It means a strike by members of all or most of the unions in a region or an industry. It may be a strike of all the workers in a particular region of industry to force demands common to all the workers. These strikes are usually intended to create political pressure on the ruling government, rather than on any one employer. It may also be an extension of the sympathetic strike to express generalized protest by the workers.

4-Hunger Strikes :

In this ,employees settle at anearby place of workplace and protest by keeping a fast to gather attention of the employers.

5) Wild cat strikes:

People strikes without taking permission from their union leaders. In 2004, a wildcat strike at the City Civil Court was carried out in Bangalore. People were making a protest against some remarks by an the bueareucracy.


Strikes have positive as well as negative impacts on the society as well as on the country.In my opinion strikes is a mean to convey someone's thinking , demands or needs to the higher authorities.Methods or way of expression determine the positiveness or negativeness of the deed.If the demands of the employees to the owners is done in righteous manner than strikes seem to put a positive impact.Every worker has the right to demand for his betterment,either financial allowances or relaxation in working hours of the company.Protests can be done in a peaceful manner

On the other hand ,some perform this act i-e putting their demands in front of employers in a pressurising manner or quitting their jobs or using negative means to put their owners to back foot.I think it is a wrong practice and i strongly condemn this rampant act.Strikes should be done but in a very positive manner keeping in mind the economy and reputation of country first.