Striking Views

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I believe that my topic is important because strikes are effecting everyone around the world. I think that strikes are really unnecessary because nothing has been done about them.Therefore the people who are striking should just find another job/deal with the one they have now.

Positives about Striking

There are some positives about striking, an example would be teacher strikes.Children may like the idea about a day or two of school and I would guess that most adults wouldn’t mind either.

Another positive about striking is that it lets people express themselves in what they believe in.Some strikes are based on payment because so me people like teachers believe they are being underpaid.Some other jobs may be striking about the conditions they are working in.Strikes can get stuff done. Simply put, they can be more powerful than trying to negotiate better pay or conditions from your boss because they can make more of an impact. When strikes are successful, it leads to happier, healthier, better paid workers who are able to do their jobs better.

Negatives about Striking

There are many negatives about striking.One of them being that if you decide to strike then you won’t get paid for as long as you strike.Strikes can also affect peoples everyday life such as driving to work.It can ruin the travel of kids trying to get to school or young adults getting to work.There are slower work processes which people will fall behind on.When they get back to work their bosses will not be happy and probably punish them.Healthcare strikes can impact patients. Although unions organise strikes as safely as possible and hospitals are never completely without staff, strikes can lead to staff shortages which unsurprisingly can delay and minimise patient care. People who don't agree with strikes can also argue that business would be slow.

My Opinion

I think that strikes are good but bad.I (because I’m a teenager) think that strikes are a good thing.But as an overall look strikes are a bad thing for all people.I feel that people should be paid for when they strike as that could be a reason why they are striking in the first place.Overall, I have a 50/50 opinion.