This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Striking has a big political effect on most people with or without a job. Most of the time striking is a far way for the people to get what they deserve such as a cleaner environment, higher pay , making it more safe, and more tools. Striking can be quite unfair in some situations and using it to their advantage such as getting more money when they get paid enough can lead to less pay in some cases . and how civilians can not go places because the trains aren't working and on strike it isn't the best way of getting more money but it works but when it doesn't work they get less money because they won't do work on that day .

Striking is a way most people basically protest but sometimes it is unfair. I think people should find a solution that is not striking so everyone is happy . Most of the time it is a bit commanding but in the end no matter how it goes it is rather impressive as it shows people stand up for themselves. It is very noticeable with teachers, food shops, electricians ,bin men ,real estate agents, postmen and more. In school it can lead to less education. If you work for the nhs and then start striking so then people might die etcetera all because they aren't getting money.

In my opinion striking is a 50/50. It's good and bad so it may be a way to get out of work or protest but then i do understand that it may not be a choice and they actually need more money and have got injured or something and need that money. But in the bad ways it's less education and less money which leads to shortages of learning as kids do not work as well and shops are closed so there is less food because stores are always striking etcetera because they are shut all the time.