The benefits and disadvantages of strikes.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


In my opinion, I think that the issue that sparked controversy and caught my attention was the strikes
A strike is a stoppage of work with intent
And it has negative effects, especially on school students
  But at the same time I think strikes are really necessary because they allow the voices and demands of social workers to be heard.  The government and other politicians do not pay social workers the proper amount they need to support themselves and their families.  In my country, social workers get up early in the morning, work hard, and come home late just to get pennies from the government.  I find this unfair.  Doctors make time to provide for citizens and, in the end, end up with little money to take them home.  It is difficult for these workers to come without food for their children.  It is painful for these workers to hear their hungry children cry every day for food.  Many patients die because nurses in my country refuse to go to hospitals because the government will not pay them the right amount of money.  Teachers are included, students are not left behind in their studies because teachers refuse to go back to school due to low payments.  I think that sitting with the government and discussing these issues will not solve anything because of the government's selfishness towards social workers so in conclusion I think strikes are necessary for these social workers because of the difficulties they face in payments from the government and also
There are other ways for your demands to be heard, however, when the government pays no attention to the workers, they have no choice but to strike.  By striking, he may draw the attention of the government.  Therefore, I believe that strike is the last option people choose if their demands are not heard.