Think befor you do something onnoys people

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


This topic is the most important for me because of the big impact it always causes and the negative effects that result from it ,it happens many times in my country, so i it is the best topic to make a standpoint about it .
Strikes are the failure to meet the needs of the people because of the strike of the workers who provide them with this The reason for the strike may be income, vacations, or even working hours or they want to be socially secured Most members of society despise this behavior, so I have learned that the negative effects of any behavior on members of society must be thought of
Ten million workers announced their strike in France. Imagine the number of people who did not get their needs met, the number of striking workers who were fired, and the number of workers who decided to go on strike to meet their needs after this strike.Imagine the amount of negative effects resulting from this strike and any other strike
By striking, the students will not get an education, the patient will not get treatment, and the person will not get a lawyer to help him solve his problems
The solution to all these problems is issuing penalties for strikers and penalties for employers who do not provide for the workers’ demands, and laws that give the worker his right. With these laws, the worker will not only get his right, but everyone will get it.