What are strike impacts?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Strikes means to decline to continue work because of an argument with an employer about working conditions, pay levels, job loses, safety problems, nepotism baby, etc. It is a work stoppage resulting from the mass refusal of personnel. A strike commonly takes region in response to worker grievances.

In my opinion strikes are never good in favor of anyone, else in the favor of strikers, their jobs, or other public. Strikes should not be allowed, to anyone rather to doctors, teachers, industrial workers or other office workers, we should solve our problems through negotiations. Negotiations are the best way to solve a problem, it is not a method of solving problem to stop working or to march at roads or disturb public and traffic.

Impacts of different strikes

Doctors strike:

Doctors strike can cause much more deaths of severe patients, who need to be treated soon. It also have impacts on other patients live, which need to start medication earlier.

Teachers strike:

Teachers strike can disturb students study table as well as it loss students education.

Industrial workers strike:

A strike of industrial workers can disturb the whole country's export of goods. Which can damage the country financially as well as its prosperity.

Advocates strike:

Advocates strikes can cause disturbance of many cases curing schedules (where the dates are fixed).

In short, I want to say that every strike has many disadvantages but the advantage is the only one that can also be gained by negotiations or by adopting the way of court.

Negotiations with the in-charge of your company


Adopting the way of court

are the two peaceful ways of fulfilling your demand (increase in pay, assurity in security, etc.).

In my point of view, If the strikes are meant to fulfill their Valid demand then they should choose another way to fulfill it; like, Negotiations or Way to court.

For Example:

If a government doctor's union want increase in their pay and they striked. They stopped doing their job, went out of their homes and started marching and damaging things that are government property. While there are many patients, who needed them. And due to their long held strike of 48 hours, many of the patients lost their lives. After 48 hours of marching the demand of union of doctor fulfilled and they came back to their hospitals.

Will it better?


If the doctors fulfill their duty as usual and after the duty, they attend their officer and negotiate their for increase in their pay and if the officer don't agreed to their demand, they go to the court to achieve their right. The court will definitely take action on it, if it is doctor's right to increase there pay by analyzing their duty durations, etc. This way will never disturb public, environment and as their duty time will not be occupied so they will have to fulfill their duties. In this way no patient life will lost and nobody will get damaged.