What are strikes, what is the importance, and how is it beneficial?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

What are strikes?, a straightforward way for workers to acquire what they want. From getting less hours and better pay, strikes are easily the way to go. Many people think strikes should not be allowed at all but I think they should, just only be for a certain group of workers. If you are a doctor or nurse and you go on strike during the biggest disease outbreak of the year. Or if you are a teacher going on strike during the most challenging and mind-bending test. Does not sound so good does it? Exactly, If you are to go on strike and you are an essential worker it could end terribly for the rest of the population.Strikes are very important. If strikes were not implemented many workers would be melancholy at work and not wanting to perform at the best of their abilities. So when workers have the ability to get together to make a change. It allows them to fight and protest for what they want. Which most of the time shows change. More times than not, it is not exactly that they get what they were fighting for , but a compromise. For example, a company lowers all wages by 3% percent, for a compromise instead of giving all 3% back. They would give back 1.5% or 2%. Just from coming together and creating union. It is of the utmost importance for those who work for the people to be joyful and excited to do what they do at work. Strikes are done for the satisfaction of the workers, not the company. You never hear that a company will stop selling a product, you only hear the workers will stop making it . This is normally due to unfair treatment , low pay, or extreme work hours.