Infosys sustainability resources

Download fact-checked, high-quality teaching resources on sustainability issues. These resources have been created with support from Infosys. The Economist Educational Foundation maintained full editorial control.

With support from Infosys, we've created a series of teaching resources on sustainability issues in the news, from COP27 to the global food crisis.

Students' responses to these discussions will be shared on The Sustainability Project site to shine a light on the next generation and amplify youth voices.

Young people have the creativity and passion to make the world a better, more sustainable place — they just need opportunities to have the discussions that will ignite their sparks. If children were given more time to talk about the news and consider perspectives outside of their own, a whole generation could be equipped with the tools they need to identify global issues and do something about them.

Katie Dixon, Head of Content at The Economist Educational Foundation

Find a range of teaching resources that build speaking, listening, problem-solving and creativity skills below.

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Infosys sustainability resources