Talking about sensitive and complex issues

Why are some news stories sensitive or complex to talk about? And why is it important to hear different perspectives? Help students explore a fictional news story about a conflict between two cities.


They'll practise building knowledge about a complex and sensitive topic by considering different perspectives and apply their learning to real issues in the news.

Use this one-hour Headline lesson to help your students:

  • Understand why some news stories are sensitive and complex to talk about
  • Use examples to identify potential bias and evaluate different perspectives
  • Consider how they might think about news stories in future

This lesson develops the following skill:


Listening critically

This resource was created as part of an online teacher-training course: how to teach the news. The course has been created by The Economist Educational Foundation with support from Infosys. The Economist Educational Foundation maintained full editorial control. You can access the training course, which includes explanations of how this lesson was created and tips for how to run it successfully, by setting up a free account on the learning platform Springboard.

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