#1 Caption Contest Winners Announced

08 April 2020

Winners announced!
Jubilant_horse and honorable_conclusion

What a fantastic first round of entries on the Hub! Well done to everyone who took part by entering, reading others’ ideas, or a mix of both! There were some superb reasoning and open-mindedness on show in your responses.

Our primary school winner, Jubilant_horse, gave a thoughtful and original caption and explained it through a detail in the picture that may not have been obvious straight away.

Honorable_conclusion was our secondary winner. They presented a range of developed reasons and they regularly linked back to the caption and the image, bringing in interesting examples from the real-world, too.

Stars have been awarded to entries that did particularly well at combining an original caption idea and supported with well-explained reasons that referred closely to the picture.

If you didn't enter this time, why not enter Competition #2? You'll find it under 'Announcements'. Good luck!

Can you write a caption for this picture?

Weekly Competition #1

Every week, you'll find a different competition to take part in. These will either be linked to one of the Burnet News Club skills or the Issue you are currently working on. And often both!

This week, we'd like you to write a caption for the picture above. A caption is a short sentence which you often see beneath photographs in newspapers, books and on websites.

What can you see? What phrase sums up the photo best?

Write your caption, followed by a short explanation of why you chose this caption. There's lots of ways to interpret this image - so there's no one right answers and we'll get lots of different opinions.

The best entries will show that REASONING and OPEN-MINDEDNESS.

There will always be one primary and one secondary school winner and we announce who they are on a Friday lunchtime. We will announce the winner of this competition on 13th September. Good luck!

Comments (33)

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  • Rich, Middle Class, and Poor.

    The reason I chose to put forward this caption is because I feel that this is what the picture above portrays. If you look at it, you can see that there are people on different levels; different levels in society, and finance. Rich people would be at the very top, because of their power, wealth and status. Then would come middle class; not rich but not poor either. Then, at the very bottom is poor people, with barely enough to survive.
    *The world’s richest 1%, those with more than around £1 million, own 45% of the world’s wealth. This means that the rich people own 45% of the whole world’s wealth in their pocket.

    Also, if you look, then the people at the top look quite posh, and proud, whereas the people at the bottom are on the floor, and the person at the far left looks as if they are begging. They look unhappy, tired and fed up with life, that seems to be dwelling on their shoulders.
    As well as that, you can see that there are differences in the quantity of money displayed.

    Perhaps this doesn’t seem like much of a tragedy to you. After all, in the UK, most of us don’t have such a serious problem because of social welfare from the government about our basic needs, but in my mother’s birthplace, there are many people who have even gone to such lengths as to take their own life since they simply cannot supply enough for their family.
    Poverty is a thing. Some may argue that it is the rich that have made the poor what they are.

    How do you feel when you see a homeless on the streets? Next time, maybe you’ll show a little empathy…

    *found this at: https://inequality.org/facts/global-inequality/

      1. Thank you!! I tried to give a good explanation, so that's why it's a little lengthy :)

  • You can earn a profit but you cant buy happiness,
    I think this because of the two things that rise and lower in the picture. The stacks of money go up, however the people don't, as you can see, on the last platform, there is a big stack of coins splitting the two people away from each other. This proves that sometimes greed can over power your happiness

  • Rich, holidays and Workers.
    I chose this caption because:
    The people at the bottom look like they have a hard time getting money by farming or any other job that doesn't give very much money for them and they might be having a very hard time fining it.

    The people at the top looked very posh and look like they have a lot of money and they might be the president of the country. They might have a $1,000,000 or something even more than that.

    I thought of this because they look like they must have just a half of what the rich people have had and had a deluxe holiday.

  • "Money cant buy power"
    Is my caption because the people at the top are very powerful but when you move further down the tower they are more poorer people who are alot more kind that people at the top.

    1. I disagree with your comment because if money cant buy power why are the rich people at the top (most powerful)? If you think of it differently and how the tower is held up you might change your opinion . Also may I add that rich people are world famous and powerful like presidents and CEO of organisations where as poor people are only really known by people class to them and they dont get a say in many things apart from democracy.

  • Less money, More love.

    The reason I chose this caption is because, if you look at the people at the top with the most money are divided by the money. However, the people with the less money are together. Which shows that you don't need a lot of money to be happy.

  • People that have most money become powerful and go to the top for everything. People that are poor become rich and then they become first then everyone will over take them.

  • To fix a plastic heart you need money ,to fix a stone heart you need love.
    The reason why i have put this caption is because,when you have a plastic heart ,such as a toy, you can only fix it by money but when you have a real, stone heart you can not fix it by money only by love.

  • Poor people beg for money, rich people beg for love.
    The people who are poor in this world have the kindness and the love, but the only thing they don't have is money.The people who are rich in this world have money wealth and many more but they don't have love or happiness.

  • Life wasn't made by money, life was made by love.
    I thought to write this because at birth no-one was paid to love, it is a natural thing. When they became old, no-one paid you to love them. love isn't real if you are being told to love' but it will be if you love from the bottom of your heart! So that is why I chose this caption.

  • The money makers I chose this caption because it’s showing the levels of money going from bottom class to top class with millions and bottom with hundreds

  • In my opinion the picture is showing that richer people and richer society are held up by middle class and working class people and that without them they are just seen as normal working people . it also shows that richer people are seen as higher people than working and middle class people and that power and money can send you to the top.

  • Spending much money makes the poor and saving brings your money level back up.

    I have chose this as my caption because the picture shows three different money levels. I thought that it could be increasing or decreasing so I mentioned about both ways. The fact that I noticed the money made me think about rich and poor. About the spending , nowadays people go shoping for toys , big and small , but sometimes end up spending all their birthday money . (I know I have!) .

    1. Can you say why you've chosen this?

    1. Can you say why you've chosen this?

  • Money and the shadow it casts.

    i picked this caption because it shows how people don't think about where their money comes from.

  • The pyramid scheming money

    it is called this as it is a play on the phrase pyramid scheme money, and also you would have noticed I replaced the word scheme with scheming, this is because the higher the levels get the smugger and more evil people, and scheming is a word generally associated with smug and evil

  • The unfairness of the world today

    i chose this because i believe that everybody should be paid the same amount no matter what they do or who they are. i also noticed that the above image only has white people in which is also why the world today is unfair.

  • Working for the money
    I have chosen this as my caption because because as their are three levels they are all different it looks like that the different levels are with people who look like rich or poor or in between neither rich neither poor. i could see that the richer people had spent more money as they probably work for bigger jobs that they earn more money that the others, the people who are poor that are keeping their little of money as they probably don't go or get as much money from their jobs and they only use it until they need it most, and the people in between look like they don't spend to much on loads of posh clothes but they still have a bit more than the poor people who have old poor ragged clothes.

  • Relaxing, Working, Struggling

    I picked this because I thought 'What would each class do in their class?' Rich people although they work, people in lower classes normally assume that Upper class spend their riches 'unnecessarily'. As opposed to middle and lower class they normally associated with 'working constantly'. I consider myself to middle if not upper middle so I would like to hear someone's views from upper class on lower classes, thank you !

  • Rich rules over poor

    I chose this because the image shows the rich above the poor and the rich standing on the money that the poorer people have. It also implies that the rich cant be so high if there were no poor people.

  • The rich, the poor; together, in the status system
    I thought of this caption because the picture shows three levels of people, depending on their status almost. the top layer have the, often privileged people - exceptioning the people that worked hard to earn their position - with the highest status. The middle tier has the middle class people, the ones who still have a good job, but aren't as lucky as the top people.
    and then the bottom layer. the people who might need a bit of financial help, almost with a rough life; so the lower status.
    I did not mean this comment to be offencive,
    thank you for reading!

  • The class system, still a thing?
    I chose this caption because I think that there does still seem to be a class system like in Victorian England. There still seems to be a very poor sector of society with children with free school meals, almost one and a quarter million children still receive free school meals. Then there are the Middle Class, the people who are the average British household who are not unlike the working class in a Victorian society, on par with technology available, just over a hundred years on. And then there are the stupidly rich people, inherited riches and other upper class people who abuse their power and standings in the world.

  • The more money you make, the more society will respect you.
    I chose this caption because the picture reminded me of a cheerleader pyramid. The people at the top are the ones who are remembered because they are the center of attention despite the fact that they generally have an easier job. Whereas, everyone forgets the people at the bottom because they are being overshadowed by the people above them. This is like the caption because everyone remembers people who are rich (like people who won X Factor or Love Island) who generally don't have a hard job. Yet, people who clean or are caretakers are generally forgotten or unknown because they are not rich enough to be famous. I believe that this relates to the caption because the people with less money (in the stack) are at the bottom and are crouched over as if people will ignore them. Whereas, the people with more money ( in their stack) are at the top and are stood up straight and proud.

  • Rich average and poor
    I think this because if you look at image the top row has more coins on it than the second or third rows.

  • Life isn't money, its respect.

    I have decided to choose this particular phrase as my caption because as you can see on the on the base of these coins there are citizens sitting, desperate for money in poverty, towards the top there is middle class people, on the top of the metal pieces it looks like famous people standing in pride, rich, no problems at all opposite to lower paid at the bottom. Personally my opinion to this state would be not to show off how wealthy you are it's to help people in need.

  • Money and power tower over us, but when will we overlook money?

    People with power such as MPs or the prime minister have money on their side. Therefore, they can always look up at it as their first resort if they are in any troubles. After all these days, it's all about money. You don't see people trading products at the shops every day.

    I think that middle-class people have a larger responsibility when it comes to money. This is because we need to use a lot more carefully and not just spend it on silly things. For example, someone could spend all of their money on designer handbags and have nothing left to survive a normal life. The word "survival" links back to the fact that we need to spend our money wisely: these days everything is about money.

    Lower class people such as the homeless look up to money as well. This is because unlike the upper and middle class - who already have money - they don't have any.

    The fact that we all look up to money instead of overlooking it is really shocking. Therefore, we should realize that there are ways to spend less money and still live happy lives no matter what class we are. And if we are unfortunate enough to be the lower class we should look past the wall of money and find the things that really matter on the other side.

    1. Does class still exist in the UK and it always about money?

  • The people at the top are split in half by the money meaning the richer you get the more you fall out if touch with loved ones where as the lower class people are close together almost sandwiched by the money . They may not have much but they have each other . This is adding on to my other comment 😄

  • we build off of money but we fall with money

  • we build with money but we fall with money
    what i mean by this is the richer you are the more you have to lose ( the higher you get the longer you have to fall).

  • Life is like a money box, we need it to reach the top
    I have wrote this because the richest people are at the top and need lots of money to get up there. People at the bottom don't have the money in their box to get to the top. Money is important

  • 1st Class, 2nd class and 3rd class.
    Or, Rich, average and poor.
    I think this image represents people having more, or less power if they are rich or poor. For example, it is very easy for rich people to have a say as many people respect their thoughts and agree with them. In contrast, if a person is middle class, or poor, no-one would really know them and they would not reall get a say or will not be taken seriously. Furthermore, if someone wanted to say something, and they were rich they could easily pay to say it and if a poor person wanted to they would not be able to afford it probably.

  • The level above is only supported by the level below.

    It’s not only social class systems I’m referring to, but leaders of the world, including dictators that hold a lot of power over their own people. Leaders only hold their status if there’s enough people below you to build a successful economy and wealth for themselves. And, likewise in this image, an upperclass person only exist because there’s a middle class and a working class system to support it.

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