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14 October 2022

Winning comments!

The rules

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to win and your account may be deactivated.

This competition will close on Wednesday July 6th for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday July 7th.

The competition

When we learn, we naturally hook all of the information together in our brain. This helps us to understand things better and it also makes new information easier to remember. Our fantastic friends at Cognostics have created a fun graph to help you figure out where all of your brain links are for the news.

STEP ONE: watch this video to learn more!

STEP TWO: have a go!

Make links in your own graph, here.

Take your time and think really carefully about what's important to you.

STEP THREE: choose one question to answer in the comments

  1. What did you learn from your graph?
  2. Which topics were the most important for you? Why?
  3. Which topics, words or links were missing from your graph? Why are they important?

Good luck!

Comments (5)

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  • What I learned is that each categories have other subjects that makes the topic itself and it goes one and on and on, for me the most important subject is influence because it has so much topics to look at and helps to build the subjects and there is lots of key information to look at and that could be helpful in the future we’re talking about and the last question is quite hard to think about but for me there should be society. Sorry I couldn’t do one I just had lots of ideas to say-crafty_peach.

  • After completing my graph I found that you should be able to multitask and that it is not expensive to hear/watch the news. I found that the media is very important to mostly the younger generation and that you should hear about your local news and the world news separately because you don't need to know about something like a road is shut in east Sussex if you live in Manchester. I used my graph to find that news broadcasters should not have a bias opinion because if they did then the news would not be told in the right way like if the news broadcasters had a favourite political party and told everyone about what good that party was doing and what bad things every other political party was doing leading you to believe that you should vote for a certain party.

  • I think the topic or word audio-visual journalism was miss from graph. Its presence is important because with this topic our journalism topic will complete and fulfill. We get more entertainment and enjoyment by audio-visual media. Its important because for example its complete the need of both deaf and blind person .Blind person need visual ability and deaf need audio ability so for this audio-visual media complete both needs .Audio visual is a combination of sound and sight. It makes use of both words and pictures. Video taps, telecast, and films are example of audio-visual. It is a modern means of communication. It has become very popular and effectiveness. Television and cinema are two significant examples of audio-visual journalism. Television is best example because we see the news or programs as well as hear and enjoy by the combination of both things.
    "Motion pictures will do for eye what the phonograph has done for the ear".
    'Thomas Edison'

  • The graph told me that I thought that the news and everything that surrounds it is important. I am torn between two options for what is the most important-which are influence and the news- and I think that these two things are important because with influence you have to be sure that by influencing someone's decision on a situation or topic you do not give them the wrong information. I think that the news is also important because if for instance we didn't know that climate change was an issue because no one spread the news then no one would know and the planet would probably be worse than it already is.

  • After I did the graph I realised that multitasking watching news and doing daily chores is easier than it sounds and it's not difficult at all! People should do this more often as the news dose not involve much seeing as it's mostly hearing