#40 Meet and greet

29 June 2022


The rules

Welcome to the competition! There are three important rules:


If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to win and your account may be deactivated.

This competition will close on Wednesday June 29th for judging! We will announce two winners on Thursday June 30th.

The competition

Mystery person

Our current Project is The power of sound - and we have lots of fantastic experts ready to answer your questions about podcasts and the news.

Your challenge this week comes in two parts.

PART ONE: Look at each through our experts by clicking on the below links

For experts who make podcasts, look here.

For experts who host podcasts, look here.

For an expert who presents the news, look here.

PART TWO: Answer these questions!

Which expert would you most like to meet? Why?

What would you ask this person if you met them? Why?

Top tips

  • Let us know the name of the expert you have chosen, not just what they do
  • Read through what other students have said and try to think of something different
  • You could structure your answer like this: I would like to meet... because... . If I met them, I would ask..."XXXX?" I would like to know this because... .

Comments (9)

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  • I chose John Prideaux because I want to know more about American politics. Even if I'm English I find an interest in law and politics around the world. If I met him I would ask him what politics is like I'm America I would like to know this because as I said politics, law and order is important yet interesting

  • I would like to meet Rachel Burden because I want to know more about reading the news. If I met her, I would ask whether she prefers reading the news in the studio or whether she likes to be a reporter at live events. I would like to know this because I am not sure if it needs different skills.

  • I would like to meet John Prideaux because I want to know more about his role as Director of Podcasts. If I met them, I would ask him to give me an idea of the things he has to do as a Director of Podcasts. I would like to know this to understand more about the making of podcasts and what happens behind the scenes.

  • I would like to meet Stevie Hertz because I want to learn more about podcasts. If I met her I would ask her what is the difference between hosting and presenting podcasts. I want to know this as I am only just learning what podcasts are and I am not sure yet.

  • I would like to meet Rachel Burden and ask her what she did in her younger life to make her take this type of work.

  • I choose Sandra Shmueli . I would like to meet Sandra Shmueli because she works here in the Economist podcast as the deputy head. She helps the Director of podcasts and coordinates Economist podcasts which in my opinion is great 👍 and she is working hard for stuff like Checks and Balance, The Economist Asks, Money Talks, Babbage, The Intelligence, The World Ahead and Editor’s Picks which is a lot and hard working for her and other people’s job and the question I ask her which isn’t very good is “Why did you want the job?” which sound like nothing but there could be reasons like it was a dream job or like working for company’s and more that I can’t think on top of my head, and in my opinion she looks really nice and loving person so Sandra Shmueli is the experts most likely to eat of her job and another question is will this job be the job or will you change due to reasons like home or other?-crafty_peach

  • I choose JohnJo Devlin he is a Norwegian senior producer for the intelligence because he is trying hard in his work by covering a wide array of Norwegian stories

  • I would like to meet Harriet Noble because I’m interested in editing as well and would like to see how she edits podcasts. I would ask Harriet the affects of what she adds in the podcasts to see the reasoning behind the advertisement and the actual podcast.

  • I would meet Harriet Nobel to ask her questions about what it is like to edit podcasts and how does she do it. I would meet her as I am interesting in editing myself and would like to learn tips or even be shown how to do it. I would also like to know what it is like to work with podcasts and how you add things to the podcasts like sound effects and news extracts.