What I Learnt From The Protests In Iran

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  • illuminated_musician | Àlímòsó Senior Grammar School | Nigeria 02 Dec 2022

    I learnt that speaking up is mostly important,we are human we need to speak for one another. This topics brings to me so many things like inequalities, discrimination,and violation of rights,we are human so we need to speak up for one another,speak against inequalities, discrimination and violation of rights amongst our self

  • approachable_crow | Shawley Community Primary Academy | United Kingdom 06 Dec 2022

    I have learnt that we should all have a right to get a message out especially if there is something bad happening. It is terrible how the Iranian Police are controlling the women, forcing them to wear a headscarf. Everyone should have a right to wear what they want as long as it's not causing any harm. We are all the same species so, all of us should be treated equally, and, we should be able to speak out for people!

  • stellar_eel | Adamson Middle School D | United States of America 08 Dec 2022

    I learn that people she speak out and stand 3up for there country and show them that there not bad. this brings out discrimination we as the people have to do something to stop this crises