Are we really practicing diversity?

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Black Panther was a successful and positive example of instilling a sense of diversity in the youth. But this raises the question of whether we are truly practising diversity. We are not practising diversity simply by putting it in the film industries, giving the oppressed classes a chance, and "trying" to consider them equals. We'd be practising diversity the day we learned that a character depicted as blonde was played by a brown girl, and we'd be perfectly fine, no questions asked. We'll be practising diversity when we go talk to a marginalised group or a foreigner simply because we want to, not because for the sake of including them. Diversity is not real when we have to remind ourselves to practise it; it becomes real when it becomes second nature to us. When we start hinking of people as "humans," when we begin to see beneath the skin. But we can always keep trying, taking small steps toward diversity. We must achieve a sense of belonging and togetherness.

"We must learn to live as brothers and sisters or perish as fools together."

~King, Martin Luther, Jr.

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  • How is diversity used in everyday life?
    Diversity used in every day life, Diversity enhances self-awareness,We gain insights into our own thought processes, life experiences, and values as we learn from people whose backgrounds and experiences are different from our own.Examples of internal diversity include race, ethnicity, age, nation of origin, gender identity, sexual orientation.Diversity in the workplace creates friction. It forces people to work harder, challenges their assumptions, makes them less sure of themselves. This is good, says Evan Apfelbaum, a Boston University associate professor of organizational behavior.we Communication that mutual learning between people of different races, ethnic origins, religious beliefs, and social groups are made easier by diversity. It encourages us to appreciate all people, not only those who are similar to ourselves. It motivates people to live, adopt a wider perspective, and fit into society.As example Having a multitude of people from different backgrounds and cultures together in the same environment working for the same goals .differences in everything example in students' background, especially race and gender. variability of perspectives, people, backgrounds, skin color, language, age, sex in a group or community.All people asked this question
    "What makes people diverse?"
    I will answer about this question, Diversity refers to all of the ways in which people differ, including primary characteristics, such as age, race, gender, ethnicity, mental and physical abilities, and sexual orientation; and secondary characteristics, such as nationality, education, income, religion, work experience, language skills, geographic .