Black panther standpoint

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Black panther I picked the black panther said point because of it helps people feel more about them self and help them be more included in the film. I say that because of that i feel that it help's people that are in a life or death situation and help's them no what not do to and what to do inside of the film. In that diversity is important because of it criticize people into feeling included inside of the movie. In it helps people can and all around the word that are going throw thanks and that it help's them when they see the film the feel more about themself. In that the film can educate people inside of the movie. It can help people with exploring important social issues. It what other movie that can go with black panther is not the only move that can help people with there film like big hero 6 and it is more moves that can go throw diversity.In the film can help you learn about new cultures. films and help you with thing because it help's you with what you do and what not to do when you get older in it help's you in life. Black panther teaches you about revenge and that it will never help you in you life time or when you get older because if you do that it will come back right to you can it will not help you in life at all. In it can inspire social and cultural reflection on thinks. In it show how elders contribute wisdom and stability. envisions a world not devoid of racism but one in which black people have the wealth, technology and military might to level the playing field. In that black panther help's use with a number of black women in powerful and engaging roles. In not just black panther it included thing that can help every one feel more about them self because it include more then just one person and it include every raise in it and in marvel. In every film it include everyone in it because we do not just see a white man and a black man in included everyone inside of it. In the marvel universe has a very high impact on the hole world because it include more real world problems because it allows the franchise to come up with more realistic characters.

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