Black Panther

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Black Panther is a superhero that protects wakanda.He has been labeled a great hero in his movie.That is because has done a lot of great things for his country.He is also Kind, caring, calm, has courage, and believes in diversity.Those are all go traits for a great super hero.Black pather would be a amazing hero for the real world and if he was in the real world he would probably change the world today.

As you can see in his movie he does a lot of things to stand up for his county and allies.He does things such as standing up to someone that threatened his country and his allies, fought for his country and allies and almost died for his country and allies].He did all of that while still staying calm.That also shows that he is brave and that is also a trait for a great hero.Also instead of being vengeful towards his enemy, he was kind and showed mercy towards him and granted him his last wishes and letting him die at peace.

Also you can see in his movie he was very nice to every body and always had a positve mind set.He was able to help every person he could while staying humble.He stayed kind, calm, caring, diverse and courageous while saving the world.This all shows that black panther could change the world today and save every one no matter what they look like.

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  • Thank you for your standpoint. Can you share how you think Black Panther links to representation and diversity?