distinctiveness and Polarity among people

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The world is extremely diverse which is why representation is so important.There are people of different colors,cultures, and different backgrounds everywhere in the world yet when we take a look at the highest grossing movies we can't find this diversity and this lack of representation has consequences on our society and the people that can not find themselves back on the screen. We live in diverse societies, yet movies does not represent the reality accurately. This lack of representation has consequences on our society and the people that cannot find themselves back on screen. Representation has an impact on the way people think and view other people -
#What you see often becomes a part of your memory, and thus a part of your life experience. This means that films and television can influence the views of the people on certain people or different cultures. In addition to this, people of color or characters with different backgrounds can also shape how underrepresented people view themselves.According to the Annenberg Foundation established, many people of color will not see themselves in the majority of the popular films and this will lead to symbolic annihilation. Cole Bowman explains, the term 'symbolic annihilation' refers to the crossing out people—specifically categories of people like women, people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the other community.

#The representation of people belonging to minority groups, or the lack thereof, is not only a narrative issue. It is an social, political, and psychological issue.Now This, Black Panther movie is very diverse with 90% of the cast being African or African American, which promotes diverse thoughts among people.