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Student Comment Post Date
neat_shark In my opinion, AI should not be there in human life because it replaces everything from humans... My Opinion On Artificial Intelligence 27/3/24
positive_insect I totally agree with your standpoint, that prisoners deserve a second chance to lead their life... How can prisons make prisoners better citizens? 27/3/24
positive_insect Yes I totally agree with you that AI is very well useful in orphanages.However it cannot replace... AI In Orphanages 27/3/24
positive_insect In my opinion, doping is totally unfair because,a game should ideally bring out the real... The Enhanced Games 26/3/24
optimistic_guitar Hi In my opinion I will say that, how we humans have a negative side and a positive side in our... My Opinion On Artificial Intelligence 26/3/24
neat_shark In my point of view, sudden climate change doesn't only, harm plants and animals it even harms... STOP CLIMATE CHANGE 26/3/24
neat_shark If AI comes into education it will be really helpful for the students to have better knowledge... Ai in Education and Life: To be or Not to be? 26/3/24
agreeable_aspect Hello everyone! Luba Kassova taught me that social biases can hold back gender equality. She... Competition #10 winners 26/3/24
agreeable_aspect In IPL RCB men had not even won one trophy throughout this 16 years of IPL. But now RCB women... Do you feel represented? 26/3/24
agreeable_aspect I agree that prisons should focus on helping prisoners become better citizens through education... How can prisons make prisoners better citizens? 24/3/24
agreeable_aspect I totally agree with you logical_cookie! If we keep destroying the nature,The nature will lose... Eco-Anxiety 24/3/24
agreeable_aspect I completely agree with you selfassured_bat! The recent win of RCB in the Women's Premier... Do you feel represented? 22/3/24
gentle_flute Hello guys and Namaste ... Today this topic I find interesting.. So I agree with your... Gender and journalism: poll results! 20/3/24
agreeable_aspect I totally agree with you when you talk about how AI can help in medical emergencies and make... How will AI change our lives? 19/3/24
agreeable_aspect I think it's kinda like when you're playing a video game. Sometimes you gotta decide whether to... Business and Politics: countries at war 19/3/24
gentle_flute Namasthe to everyone... I choose option b because it is important to have two or more leaders... How would you respond? 18/3/24
agreeable_aspect I strongly agree with you jolly_gazelle! In the vibrant tapestry of India, embracing diversity... The Indian Election 17/3/24
agreeable_aspect I appreciate you decisive_mouse passion for helping immigrants, but I have a different... Immigration Essay 17/3/24
agreeable_aspect I agree wholeheartedly reflective_cymbals! Women bring invaluable qualities like... WOMEN: A Pillar Of Our World 14/3/24
agreeable_aspect Hello fascinating_opinion! In my perspective, I think it's awesome how AI can make things... The Emerging New World: AI 14/3/24