Diversity and Equality

Have you ever been judged based off your gender or what or how you look? I believe its wrong for people to judge people because of their looks and gender, how will you determine who they are off of looks? How can someone determine the capability of someones gender?I believe all these statements mean something. Someone can be capable of anything if they are willing to commit to the cause. The black panther movie is a good example because there are plenty of strong people even women and even if their a different skin color it shows that they can do what they can. The black panther movie shows that skin color and gender equality doesn't matter. No one can be judge off looks or gender because everyone has their own capabilities. Films have the ability to show some meaning almost every show serves a purpose and a meaning for the audience such as, The Black Panther, Mulan, and Moana. These show people of a different race and that women couldn't thrive on their own but those two movies show that women can do anything if they are willing to commit to the purpose. Another movie is Spiderman into the spiderverse this movie showed a kid like Miles the different kid can do anything based off who he is be even became the new spiderman of newyork and saved other spiderman from different worlds or universes. All these movies have many types of meaning but all mean something all these movies I have said mean that no matter how different you are base to your skin to your looks to your gender. You can do anything just believe that you can and you will do it, the most important of them all is that it doesn't matter and its okay to be different what shapes your personality is your actions and your mentality. Most everyone think that gender equality and look equality is not a major issues that need to be solved but people will not care because this is the type of society we all live in. Someone can be judge for anything even being different for a tiny bit thats the issue with the world but you can help fix this society by spreading your opinion about Diversity and Equality. Can you help resolve these issues by spreading your opinion that gender equality and looks don't matter because you will not be determine off of them you will be determine off of your actions.

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