Don't make fun of others!

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I chose to write about representation and diversity. This is causing many talks and arguments. Many people think that all people are equal, but unfortunately not everybody does. Nobody is actually allowed to make fun of somebody just because of their skin colour, but what are rules if nobody follows them?

I am writing about representation and diversity because I just can’t stand the idea of people joking and making fun while making others feel awful. I have met such people. They use “Don’t make fun of others!” as the best joke ever.

While some people are trying to convince the world that having black or brown skin doesn’t put you at a lower level than others, they watch laughing. I looked over at what other students think on this platform, but then I realised there are many different opinions at my school already. Most of my classmates from school find bad jokes about race funny. They say how you shouldn’t t make fun of someone because he has a different skin colour, but at the same time, they can’t wait to see someone starting a discussion about it, so they can accuse them and laugh at that person. They don’t really care what you want to say, if you want to say how important diversity is or not. It is fine as long as they can laugh. This is the main reason I don’t really talk about anything in the news when I am at school.

However, not all of them are like that. Some of my classmates, and especially those at my language school, really are more openminded. They like having diversity in everything. They have diversity in their favourite music bands. They prefer Asian music bands. They also like different kinds of food from different countries. I guess there is some diversity in opinions at my school.

I can’t see anything funny in the jokes my classmates make, but I also spend my time differently. I really think the way you spend your time and the activities you do have a big impact on your mindset. We live in a world where you start forming your opinions being influenced by social media, school, friends and parents. But what is the value of speeches about diversity, or about accepting everybody, no matter their race or religion, if most of us just ignore them? Why struggle making comments about diversity, if we still live based on daily stereotypes, like everybody else? In my view, our own ideas matter more, even if some people will always disagree with us.

I also think allowing different kinds of actors of different races to play in movies is wonderful, but not enough. We need to give different roles to different people in real life too. Diversity in films is good. Now, let’s continue moving forward! Let’s bring more diversity in our life! This way, people will feel less insecure about themselves and this would be amazing for everybody.

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