I want effect not just temporary feelings

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The influence of films on us now seems clear, as we can see that awareness of various social issues is transmitted through them. Because we see it as an embodied reality and we can see consequences and solutions to social, cultural issues but....

Does the importance of diversity depend only on this? What do you think? In my opinion, of course not, the purpose of watching movies for most is to have fun, but seeing familiar things every time becomes boring. So why not create a new regiment of sneaky film creativity?

“I want to be a hero” is what kids used to say when they watched Spider-Man or Batman! But when they grow up, they abandon this dream and describe it as childhood foolishness!
So why don't we give children a real role model that we can really call a leader! Not a hero with supernatural strength, but a role model who has the power to make you a leader. The leader is an influential person, who does not necessarily have to be the head of a country or a party. So what about having a conversation with yourself in childhood and ask her/him about the hero she/he wished to be and what qualities can be added or removed from him/her to return to your wish (to become like him/her)?

Because we, the youth, have an important role in the society and the news so my thoughts for the solutions to support diversity in movies are:

•Collaborate more with writers to turn novels into films
•Universities focus on supporting their students to invest their creativity in linking their majors and spreading awareness of them through films
•Making the content that young people watch have a positive and sustainable impact

What about you what do you think?

And to here and I will say thank you for completing the reading

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