Why Diversity is important

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The topic that I'm focusing on is why diversity is important to see in movies. Diversity is so important to many other people including me. But, in this passage, we are talking about how/why it is important to me. Diversity is important to me because I'd be full of joy if I saw a young black child in a movie. Dive down deeper so you can understand more why diversity is so important to me.

Thousands of people are affected by diversity in fact, millions are affected by diversity. When I say they are affected by diversity don't think that I mean badly no, they are affected in a good way. When black kids around the world seen the new Ariel they all freaked out with joy. I was never an Ariel fan but when I seen her skin color I couldn't help but smile.

I asked a person what is their opinion on diversity. I was shocked by their answer. This person told me, "Diversity is a bad thing. I feel like it should not be a word. We are all humans and we are all on the same planet so it shouldn't matter what that diversity is in a movie. We should all appreciate that someone is in a movie." I completely disagree. I feel that diversity should always be a word. When you see something that you like you will always appreciate that so it's the same for diversity.

In conclusion, these are the reason why diversity is so important. I hope this passage changed your view of diversity in a good way.

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  • I can feel you because diversity is part of life so we don't have to discriminate against people on the bases of color, religion, tradition, beliefs, etc. As they say, the more the merrier.