Climate change and Palestine, "How can students help?"

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


if you visit Palestine this winter, you will see all the seasons in one day and it's rarely rainy! I miss playing in the rain! The misuse of nature and its resources is gradually depriving my generation of the magical view of raining and seeing rain dancing on the ground. This explains that time when it rained while we were at school, we didn't want to go inside our classrooms, we wanted to enjoy the rain.

Internationally, Palestine is famous for olive trees and olive oil making. The production of olive trees becomes little if compared to 20 years ago! Of course, this is because olive needs rain to grow perfectly. This is also true for the production of other plants and trees! Moreover, the lack of rain because of climate change led to a shortage of the level of groundwater. Consequently, in recent years; municipalities in Gaza pump water to homes every 5 to 7 days! Imagine living in your home without water for one day waiting for the water pumping time! Sadly, this is the case in Gaza where I live.

I have been thinking and reading about what rain has to do with cleaning the air. I found out that rain can cleanse the air of "pollutants like soot, sulfates, and organic particles." My next step was to dig deep for ways to bring more rain. I read that planting trees bring rain because of the process of "Transpiration" which means that: "all that water vapor rising from the forest feeds moisture-laden clouds while also causing convection. Together, these effects accelerate the formation of rain." I guess then that we have many simple solutions for the problem of climate change that might start with COP itself. Instead of traveling by car or plane, which bring more damage to the environment and weather, the COP committee can simply hold their meetings online and save the costs of traveling. They can allow people to participate, those people who are capable of suggesting projects or inventions that might lessen climate change.

As a topical talker, I have now a deeper knowledge of ways to help stabilize the climate state. Along with my amazing teachers, we invited our school's class leaders to attend a meeting about "climate change" to let students know more about the topic. Those students delivered our message to students in their classes. We all come up with an amazing idea; planting some trees with friends, and putting a plant in each class will also help as a reminder and will enhance the idea of saving the planet.

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  • Thank you
    Palestine is characterized by its moderate and beautiful climate and the diversity of its topography, which led to the difference in climate from one region to another.
    In Palestine, there are many trees and green patches of plains, such as the Salem Plain, the Suqour Plain, the Buqi’a Plain, and the Marj Bin Amer Plain, and there are many more.
    And many forests, such as the oak forest, the Jordan River forest, the carob forest, the siris, and there are many more.
    Palestine is characterized by its evergreen trees, green spot, and its lack of use of factories and cars that pollute the air.
    Trees purify the air and stabilize the climate
    The greater the green spot and the less pollution, the more we maintain the stability of the climate and the purification of the air.