Fashion obsession

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The obsession with fashion has become an integral part of our world, and the interest in it has become insane. I want to note this problem, as statistics have shown that people consume eight times more clothes than they used to consume thirty years ago. This damage is due to the human being himself, and this is what most people are not aware of, and they are not aware of the upcoming disasters, as the world produces one hundred billion new clothes every year, where 90% of them end up in the garbage heaps, while only 10% can be reused. It is a growing and successive problem. I From my point of view, I consider it a disease that must be cured, because fashion obsession is a disease that is alien to the human psyche, with which clothing companies are punished through social media, and that they must be held accountable first because making money is the most important thing for them, so let's look at our wardrobe to use what we have and not run after fashion, for this is considered a form of extravagance, foolishness, and squandering grace in things that do not benefit.

Save the money that is wasted on fashion and fashion, because contentment is a good thing, because if we take a step back and think about the consequences and problems of this disaster for ourselves, our families and our world!!

Let us change our culture, thought and convictions regarding this issue in order to live in a healthy and clean environment in order to preserve our human

1) Is it possible to change the ideas and convictions of people in our current era in terms of fashion obsession?

2) Will a person be aware of the consequences of the disasters that he