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The topics are interesting and enjoyable, each of them has importance. The topic that I liked is... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 12/12/22
It was weeks and exciting topics that we discussed in our class about a lot, such as the food... Competition #6 Favourite topic 08/12/22
The success of the State of Qatar as the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup thanks to... LEGACY OF THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR 05/12/22
The rapid production of clothes to keep up with the rapid consumption of customers is one of the... Fast Fashion 05/12/22
In the year 2022 we are still talking about racial discrimination and different colors and... DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION 05/12/22
The problem of wasting food is the opposite of the need for food. If we look at the world around... Pete Pearson answers your questions! 05/12/22
The World Cup, which is currently being held in the State of Qatar, aroused my interest in the... Weekly poll #4 results 22/11/22
UNICEF was founded in 1946 to meet the urgent needs of children in Europe and China after the... ...Amelie Zilber our activist and UNICEF ambassador! 22/11/22
I live in the Middle East in occupied Palestine, especially in the Gaza Strip, which is located... Meet our…school communities! 21/11/22
I think it means your goals and ambitions. You should always see them in front of you until you... Do you have to see it, to be it? 14/11/22
I believe that the natural human being among us can change and affect the environment by staying... Are COP events sustainable? 13/11/22
The climate conference will be held this year in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. This is a wonderful... Are COP events sustainable? 07/11/22
We live in the era of speed and fast fashion. Clothes have become an investment method for... Who is responsible? 07/11/22
I agree with you, because the life of luxury has become the reality. Here I also suggest the... Reduce, reuse, recycle! 04/11/22
In fact, reaching high government positions is not an easy thing, as it is done gradually over... Older or younger lawmakers? 04/11/22
Work is a basis in the formation of the personality and the entity of the person. If you love... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 04/11/22
As girls, we are very interested in fashion and clothes and keeping up with them. I see that the... Sustainable style - be a designer! 04/11/22
I see that the three inventions, each one of them is no less important than the other, but... Get creative, save the planet! 03/11/22
The topic is interesting and you need to think about it in all respects, first of all, human... Bug burgers and critter curries... delicious? 02/11/22