Fast Fashion

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Fast fashion

Unsustainable clothing that gets worn by one person and then becomes perfect for everyone else.

Two days ago, my mother and my younger sister and I went to the market to get dressed for the winter, but my sister did not have wide jeans and all her friends had them, but my mother did not know that, so she told her next time and my sister did not accept and I started shouting

Everyone, young or old, has become obsessed with fast fashion, which has become a huge burden on the world because most of the carbon that is used is in the fashion industry, so we must reduce this percentage. Otherwise it affects the poor so that it makes them spend all their money on something unimportant. So we have to solve this problem first. What can I do?

brave_forest mentioned several solutions in his point of view:

"First, stop following influencers who promote the use of fast fashion, secondly instead, use what you already have, and switch clothes with friends. Thirdly if you have income to support companies on a regular basis who do not produce fast-fashion, buy from them. Finally, spread the word because fast fashion needs to finish."

As a community, there is a lot we can do, such as: Not encouraging unsustainable companies. Building special associations to redistribute used clothes to the poor. Building shops to buy used clothes. Actors or singers should stick to sustainable clothes so that everyone takes them as an example .

We were asked how many clothes we need and what materials will they be made of?awesome_sea replied, "I think that I need 20 pieces of clothes and I can use them in more than one way, for example, the striped sweater can be easily coordinated with other pieces of solid colors, as well as the jeans shirt. You You can wear it with different pieces, and the scarf can be used as a head covering, or wrapped around the neck, or tied on your handbag, and the white t-shirt can be coordinated with any color or design of the clothes.” And I agree with him. Clothes must be made from sustainable materials, so that we can benefit from them as much as possible for the longest period.

In the end, you should be aware of fast fashion and help everyone solve this problem.