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This is active_statement logical thinking, but when the food crisis, pollution and global... Space: a positive human future? 13/12/22
But the blame does not lie with those besieging Gaza only, but inside Gaza there are many... Food crisis in besieged Gaza 13/12/22
Thank you for your response This is a difficult task and it will cost a lot and a lot of money,... Biggest challenge: the World Cup 12/12/22
It has come to my attention that all the experts are interested in the things that benefit... Competition #7 Expert learning 12/12/22
On the issue of protest in Iran: Mahsa Amini, I knew the Ajayyah through the questions we were... Suggest a discussion! 12/12/22
Thank you for your reply I want to say that freedom is a right, but within legitimate limits,... DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION 08/12/22
Thank you for your reply Yes, I understand you, but you are the one who did not understand me.... DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION 08/12/22
Thank you Qatar is doing everything it can for a healthy World Cup, and here it has already... Another side of the World Cup. 07/12/22
Yes, this is true, and Ali is the closest example to that, and I believe that weaknesses are... Films that make a difference 06/12/22
I agree because... I have already watched this series and that Ali is the best doctor despite... Films that make a difference 06/12/22
I think that the issue of COP will remain, because it has future effects and will be renewed... Weekly poll #6 results 06/12/22
We do all the activities in our class, but the theme that I liked the most is the World Cup.... Competition #6 Favourite topic 05/12/22
How many points of view are we allowed to every topic?? Meet the judges and their tips 05/12/22
I agree with the opinion, as psychological support is one of the most important reasons that... What causes doctor shortages? 05/12/22
I strongly agree with you, and I also in my country doctors say this, as the members of our... A doctor's words 05/12/22
No, I do not think so, because space is an external world, no matter how hard we try, we will... Suggest a discussion! 05/12/22
Yes, I think so, that women have high capabilities of expression, and we must respect their... REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY: HOW ARE GENDERS REPRESENTED. 02/12/22
I agree because... I agree with your opinion, especially that doctors do not have time to object... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
"LETS CHERISH EVERYONE" Because every life matters. I liked this sentence a lot and I agree... DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION 02/12/22
How do I know if my discussion has been accepted or not? Suggest a discussion! 02/12/22