Fast Fashion had fastened us like slaves .

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


We need freedom from slavery fast fashion because fastened strongly. We need freedom because it's damaging our environment by creating pollution,by giving low wages to workers by long work hours,by creating complex among people as mostly are living hand to mouth and by rereleasing harmful gases like CO2 to atmosphere.

Youngers, ladies nd gents are very much tended to buy new nd new dresses because youngers have strong urge to look stylish and versatile. They need to focus on their studies than fashion because successful career will not only benefit them but also they would play a vital role national progress. Ladies nd gents who are on their work places need dress codes as already in some professions like teaching, ,police and lawyers etc. They need basic nd occosional dresses. Their priorities should b more skillful and professional.

Now who needs fast fashion r only ,actresses nd models who are representatives of this industry who ve to promote fashion. Celebrities r also promoters of fast fashion. In their off screen lives they like to wear casual nd informal dresses.

The common man can use 2nd hand dresses or to reuse dresses in more than one way as fast fashion would b a luxury that is not in his .access as is in struggle of fulfilling basic needs for him nd for his family.

Its very simple to b free:

Simplify our wardrobes.

Be mindful abt washing.

Donate our dresses

Choose more ecofriendly environment.

Need to be more focussed towards our set goals

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  • The “fast fashion” trap
    Most  people are women and they work in sweatshops in theworld, creating what's called “fast fashion”. Fast fashion is a term used to describe the exploitative practice of replicating catwalk trends and mass-producing them at low cost. Also The fast-fashion business model makes a profit because of the low wages they pay garment workers. Not one brand pays a living wage to their employees overseas.In many cases, children are employed and basic human rights are violated them.

    1. I agree because... we should think that clothing is a need. We must ve occasional dresses as well to rejoice or celebrate any event.some ppl r all the time to show off what they ve. fast fashion is translation of these ppl mind set.