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The theme I liked the most is (fashion). Passion for fashion is a fun fruity dress made entirely of passion fruit skins! Competing in unwanted high-end fashion has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and it will be an experience that I will remember from the transitional year. Fashion is related to society and its culture and the changes that pass completely to change people, and reveal the freedom of individuals or their closure or lack of culture, so you do not find what represents them in public clothes, Fashion makes people in a good condition or a good psychological state because they wear beautiful clothes. The damages of fashion are often social damages, and they appear as a result of many resorting to Western fashion that they depend on and follow up on new ones, because they do not find fashion that stems from their culture and that suits their needs, or the reason is alienation. The designers themselves, and their lack of consideration for the needs and traditions of society, and this is often the result of the lack of awareness of these designers of the importance of fashion in our lives, as it is one of the components of culture most closely related to man and his ideas. Some may think that fashion is a secondary entertainment that can be dispensed with. But the truth is that man always strives to innovate fashion by following people's fashion in ways that ensure their acceptance by others, and this applies to clothes and social behavior more than it applies to cars, homes and other things that most people cannot change and replace permanently. Now I want to ask you, what is your style of clothing?

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  • Fashion is not all about clothing is about the way people make this beautiful.for example, cars, beautiful houses and the home appliance in your house. In Nigeria they are a lot of beautiful ladies wearing beautiful clothes, there are some native clothes that are personally made for guys, and the one made for ladies. In my own opinion fashion is the best way to way to make some people attractive in many ways.

  • In my own opinion fashion is the best way to way to make some people attractive in many ways.
    Fashion is not all about clothing is about the way people make this beautiful

  • My favourite style of clothing is very feminine, varying on a spectrum between intense & strong and dainty & ethereal. So, depending on how I’m feeling that day and the environment I’ll be in, I will express it in different ways through my clothes, accessories, hair and makeup to be more precise.I believe in making my own fashion as I feel that fashion is your own choice that you can carry with confidence, be it clothes, attitude towards work, friends, people, character.
    One of my favorite things are cloths. I think this is because we have so many literally so many options. Because we have so many options so we have so many favorites (don't know about other girls but atleast I have so many favorites) . I just cannot explain in few words what is my favourite style of clothing because they are so many.
    1.The first style and the best one of clothing is like most is just simple casual clothing, like a simple loose T-shirt and skinny jeans and sneakers. Just like that. This is my 1st preference always.
    Their are so many ways that I like to style I just cannot express my excitement for clothing and styling.