Working Conditions

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  • As a fashion lover this embarrasses me but I am not to blame. I buy good quality clothes and Take care of them and keep them forever. Some of my clothes I've had for 10 years or more. Even my shoes I wear them for a year and then donate them to goodwill so I try to be earth concious

  • Guys, recycle your clothes!! Share it with your siblings, cousins, neighbors, friends at school, give to charity. Be mindful!! As soon as we stop buying it as much as we do, the production is going to feel it. The price of clothes is going to be higher maybe, but it will be less trash on our Planet, they are going to use better materials and people who make these clothes are going to earn more money and live better.
    Visit Second Hand store or Trift Store in your
    area. Recycle!!!

  • Most unethically produced clothing is usually not the most expensive clothing. It is the cheapest "deal" for buying unethically produced goods. Steer clear of buying really cheap clothes and instead try to buy items that are expensive (I know it hurts sometimes) but they are usually made ethically, will last longer and you don't have to buy as many of them. If the price tag is too good to be true, it was most likely done by taking advantage of someone.

    1. Exactly, if the price does not hurt the customer, then it might hurt somewhere else. Could you think of some potential solutions for restricting unethical production?

  • Thank you very much @idealistic_song for the Standpoint. Actually, today marks the International Day of Abolition of slavery, it is really great that you brought this insight up. Tackling modern slavery and forced labour are definitely what private sector and especially fashion industry and labour-intensive sectors need to do. In terms of what they can do, what can the government do to end this, does anyone have any insight? Thank you!

    1. I think the government can create more jobs in the country that favor worker's rights. It can also increase on the salaries of the employees. Because their are certain companies that take people to the Middle East for free to go and work there but these people who are taken there are actually mistreated in simple terms this is modern slavery. The government can even go ahead to inspect the fashion industries and labour intensive sectors to see whether their is no forced labour being exerted onto the workers and they to see whether the workers are in a good working environment and being paid fairly. The government can also enforce strict laws on forced labour in the country and even put a huge sentence to whoever does it so that he or she can act as an example to the rest.