Meet our... Festival topics!


Over the next seven weeks we will bring you a selection of topics that will give you the opportunity to learn, ask questions and have your say.

When following the news, it's important to stay up-to-date. That's why some of our topics will come from ‘BREAKING NEWS’ – the latest news events from around the world. Watch this space!

The topics for this Topical Talk Festival are:

  • Icon - Space and Technology

    Space: a positive human future?

  • Icon - World Hunger Crisis

    The global food crisis

  • Icon - Breaking News

    Protests in Iran: Mahsa Amini

  • Icon - US Mid Term

    US midterms: are young people political?

  • Icon - COP27

    COP27: is it sustainable?

  • Icon - Breaking News

    Fast fashion

  • Icon - 'Black Panther' and STEM

    Black Panther: representation and diversity

  • Icon - Breaking News


  • Icon - World Cup Legacy

    World cup: the legacy of big events

  • Icon - Sustainable Healthcare

    Sustainable healthcare: doctor shortages

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  • I am interested in the issue of the shortage of doctors because in my country we suffer from a shortage of highly qualified doctors in treatment. When a person develops a disease, he needs to travel to be treated, and when he needs urgent surgery and we do not find someone to do it, this will lead to do it, this will lead to the death of the person.

  • For example, the rights of men over women.
    Addiction destroys societies.
    How to prevent upcoming diseases.
    Marginalized please in rich countries.
    What are the characteristics of a good president?
    The cause of wars in the world?
    How to make our life more healthy?

  • Space: a positive human future?
    This topic is most interesting for me because I am into the study of cosmology as I like reading about the entities present in the universe and discussing that will the space be a positive human future is interesting as it would lead us to explore about the possibilities of habitable planets and how we can build spaceships to explore the ever expanding universe.
    Will it ever be possible to transfer humans to other habitable planets?
    Can we ever build a spacecraft which can travel way long distances into the space?
    Is there any chance of meeting aliens in the space?

    1. These are great questions, generous_lime! Why don't you ask these to one of our space experts from NASA?

      1. I would surely like asking these questions from NASA if I get the opportunity.

        1. Please do visit our 'Dr. Mamta' expert page to ask her a question about NASA in the typeform!

  • I am most interested in the topic COP27. As youth like you and me get to be a part of it this time and express our opinions. People get to know about climate change and sustainability which is a global issue. It spreads awareness and provides opportunities for each and every one of us to improve our Earth. Our smallest action also affects our land, isn't it Interesting?? Or should I say a warning as we should monitor our steps as they can harm the land we are living on. There is no planet B.

  • The topic that interests me:It is a global food crisis And it must be given great attention, but nowadays, food problems have become widespread in the world tremendously, due to the human influence on them, such as: that people compete in making the name and banner for many restaurants that manufacture Fast food is at the expense of the people of the world and their health, and I do not say that the people of the world have no role in eating fast food, nor am I talking that the owners of restaurants have all the blame for producing harmful food.In the end, we all suffer in this world, so what if we fight for healthy eating habits!!