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"In Iran,Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, was arrested for not wearing a hijab according to the law in Iran. She died in custody and many believe it was because of the brutality of the police." This was the main story of this topic and it's fundamental gesture was the gender inequality across the world where men are favored at the expense of women, women's rights are abused with no one to fight for them,In countries like Iran,the inequality is legal as they have strict laws on what women should but they don't have even a single regulation on what men should wear.In other words, Women's rights are being abused not only in Iran but also in other countries across the globe where by we have seen women are not given opportunity to take on political or leadership positions as they consider them inferior and they think they are only meant to remain at home doing chores and reproducing,else where,on average, women are paid less than men. For every dollar that men earn,women earn 77 cents and this is termed as gender pay gap.In other cases,women are denied access to education as they don't think formal of them and this is also the main driver of the gender pay gap because the women, denied education end up having less qualifications than the men that are allowed to study as much they want so the men get to get highly paid jobs than women.
Unfortunately,the women have a few people that mind about their rights and even those concerned may not have the power to change things.In Iran,after the Mahsa Amini incident, people started protests against the laws that are disregarding the fact that women are also human and have blood running in their veins.According to eyewitnesses,she was also beaten severely.As the protests spread from Amini's hometown of Saqqez to other cities throughout the country, the government responded with widespread internet blackouts, nationwide restrictions on social media usage,tear gas and gunfire.
Restrictions on the internet toe is an act by the government to silence the protesters and prevent them from spreading the news to the outside world,So here the government if Iran did not only violate women's rights but also people's freedom of opinion and expression because even if you look further,you come to a conclusion just like me that internet is human right since through it,we are able to connect to each other as one family "HUMANITY"
Personally, this made me question whether the people of Iran matter to their government,or does the government even care about their opinions. Imagine people try to say something and all they get is internet blackouts,teargas and gunfire.
As a person who believes that equality is necessary in the world, I believe in protecting and fighting for our or others rights because if we fight for each other's lives,we are able to connect as people of the same kind "HUMANITY" because that is what binds us together.Basing on that I think people outside Iran should speak out for the Iranians since the government has decided to deny them of every right they are entitled to.I think as people of the same family"HUMANITY" it's our responsibility to protect and fight for gender equality and human rights of each other becausethats what connects us together as the true meaning of humanity. If the people outside Iran come up maybe the government of Iran might reconsider and value its peoples rights as a result of pressure from the
human rights fighters forexample organizations like Amnesty International.
In the discussion of "should people outside Iran speak out for them? Why or why not?"
I took "George Froyd,a black in america who was killed by policemen" as an example and said "After the public spoke and protested against this act,there were several police reforms enacted in relation to protection of human rights." So even now I stand strong and believe that we the outsides could be the ones meant to impact gender equality and a positive change in Iran.I acknowledge ways through which we can't have strong impact and easily communicate to distances and I think through the internet and songs,we can have a voice loud enough to reach those in wrong and have an impact on them.I believe it's the role of the 99 citizens to fight for the rights of the one citizen who is being abused.
Humans rights are gender equality are;
"LETS MAKE A BETTER WORLD"no one has the right to abuse your rights.