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I have watched Pete Pearson of WWF answering questions,but the one that really made me think... Competition #7 Expert learning 14/12/22
I agree because doctors are one off the most essential workers in our society and yet they are... Doctor Shortage 14/12/22
I agree because I equally believe that if the old and young law makers unite to form one body... Older or younger lawmakers? 14/12/22
I think having an older government isn't the worst, but may not be the best for society. After... Older or younger lawmakers? 14/12/22
I think they can get their funding from their profits of certain clothing and jewelry that is... The pros and cons of fast fashion 13/12/22
I agree because I also think that living in uncertainty of space exploration while forgetting... Space: a positive human future? 12/12/22
I agree with you accurate wombat.The workers are human too, to be honest the fast fashion... WORKERS RIGHTS 12/12/22
I would like to look at this in a way that I think the fashion industry might need more funds... The pros and cons of fast fashion 12/12/22
I'm sorry that I look at this in different light in a way that fore I think it shouldn't be... Should some voices be louder than others? 12/12/22
I'm from Uganda,my country has so many tribes to the point that we don't have a national or... Meet our…school communities! 12/12/22
One option could be hosting more big events such as World competitions in swimming, athletics... LEGACY OF THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR 12/12/22
"my freedom stops where yours starts" Yes indeed this makes alot of sense in my ears too.It... DEMOCRACY, PATRIOTISM, EQUALITY 12/12/22
Well,most of my peers are young people; I think I would encourage them to actively participate... DEMOCRACY, PATRIOTISM, EQUALITY 09/12/22
I think for people like us to be able to live on planets such as Mars,we would need to first... Space: a positive human future? 09/12/22
I think to make a great journalist you need listening skills to enable you understand and... Meet our… Skills volunteers! 09/12/22
I think the problem if doctors being less compared to the large amounts of workloads can be... Dr.Shortages 08/12/22
I think the world health organization should give doctors rights such as; 1.Right to work... Dr.Shortages 08/12/22
I disagree with you because the phrase "LETS CHERISH EVERYONE" Because every life matters" does... DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION 08/12/22
Your points are Interesting I must say! On the other hand,let me have a go on your... Dr.Shortages 08/12/22