I disagree with women being forced to wear the hijab

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In Iran are happening pretty bad things but I do not think they should change everything because women could choose if they want to be Muslim or if they do not. So in my opinion they just could move to another country or just change religion. Other people said to me that what I think it is not correct so I listened both answers and now I can justify that my opinion did not change. Like when people from Iran are 18 years old, they need to choose if they want to be Muslim or they could be Muslim but they do not really need to wear a hijab.

In Iran the most powerful people are the men, but this shouldn't be something that stay in the way of their traditions. Like one of their traditions is to be Muslim. Maybe not all the people want to respect their traditions, but maybe some of them want to and they do not want to protest. Because of that I disagree with ,,charismatic_eel" that said ,, in April 1983 in IRAN it was announced to wear hijab and it was applied for both Muslim and NON Muslim and foreign people visiting Iran and now a days there is a problem of wearing hijab is raised in Iran" I am 50/50 about what she/he said because if you do not want to wear a hijab you could just to leave the country but in the same way people shouldn't be killed because they do not want to wear a hijab. So for me this is 50/50 like I said before but I will go more with the answer that said that people could just move to another country.

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  • International migration is a rather extreme solution for a rather simple problem.

    The flight alone will cost thousands of dollars, not to mention finding employment, housing, and shipping things like furniture and appliances. The alternative would be to buy all that again. Overall, this will be both a financial and mental burden (as people will have to leave family and friends behind), and one most of the Iranian populace will not be able to bear. All this for escaping the oppressive regulations regarding hijabs! A much more practical approach would be taking global action against morality policing, a problem not only in Iran but many countries throughout the world.