Is gender inequality limited to Iran?

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Many girls and women in Iran are protesting since the death of Mahsa Amini to highlight women rights. It is believed that the morality police (the people who control the Islamic Law) are responsible for her death, as she was arrested for not wearing her hijab correctly and died later under suspicious circumstances. Many people all over the world have taken part in this protest by cutting their hair and burning their hijabs, however is gender inequality just a problem in Iran and what other forms of gender inequality lurk around our world?

The morality police, who are run by the Iranian government, are abusing their power and are becoming more violent. Around 326 Iranian protesters had already died by the 12th of November 2022 and the protests started only a month before. However, people aren't giving up and protests are rapidly picking up pace. An Iranian protester said, ”We have nothing to lose but our chains,” this shows their determination and that they won’t fall down easily.

Although women are fighting for gender equality in Iran, other signs of this unfair balance of rights are all over the world. Shanequa Paris (a newsround presenter) went to the Fifa world cup event in Qatar and shared her experience. She mentioned that she was being ignored by many of the staff and they only talked to her producer who was a man. They also separated genders in restaurants, queues and this was apparently ‘traditional’ there. This is gender inequality.

Many people notice all this gender unfairness but refuse to find a way to stop it. If people were so passionate about fighting against the Iranian goverment there would be change by now, however, people still want to get on with their lives. Social Media has been banned in Iran and they can’t express their worries and feelings to the world. If they can’t get their voices heard, we have to be their voice, right?

In my opinion, I think the best way to tackle this issue is to spread awareness of all gender inequality and maybe if then people want life to be fair and stable, men and women will finally be equal. Girls in Afghanistan are suffering this unfair treatment also and they can also benefit with this decision. Girls in the UK are also stating that boys are getting more pocket money than them; the gap is 20% and this is disturbing many young people.

Gender inequality is everywhere but we need to spread awareness to atcually defeat this long lasting burden on our world. We can do it, can’t we?

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  • Your words are very powerful and they made me think a lot.

    "They also separated genders in restaurants, queues and this was apparently ‘traditional’ there. This is gender inequality."

    I'm not sure about this because this is one part of their religious views and I think this is where a lot of issues become hardest to talk about. I would never want to offend someone because of their religion but also I can't imagine not being able to go to the same restaurant as my mother and feel like she is not respected because I respect her so much. How can we humans finds a way to respect religion and also the people at the same time so that everyone is equal?